Extreme narcissist

Input text: sky is wild rose.ground is 100 inch wide [tile].a 1st 199 inch tall black mirror is on the ground.the 1st mirror is facing southeast.a 1st 150 inch tall man is in front of the 1st mirror.the 1st man is facing the 1st mirror.a 2nd 200 inch tall black mirror is 20 inch in front of the 1st man.the 2nd mirror is facing southwest.a huge silver wall is behind the 1st mirror.a 100 inch tall wild rose painting is -35 inch above the 1st mirror.the painting is facing east. a 75 inch tall and 60 inch deep and 80 inch wide 2nd man is east of the painting.
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Effects: Saturation, Sharpen, Invert
nheiges  (9/9/2019) 
Or solipsist?
KAWE  (9/9/2019) 
eo ipso ;-)
coyne  (9/9/2019) 
great scene and title!
Nanook  (9/9/2019) 
You forgot the face that actually goes with the man :-) Great scene!
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