Input text: a 30 feet tall wall.a stairway is 10 feet in front of the wall.the wall is 60 feet wide.a rust light is 6 feet in front of the is night.the stairway is facing left.a man is -6 feet above the stairway.he is facing light is dark.a bird is 1 feet right of the is -1 feet above the man.
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Effects: Sharpen, Contrast
KAWE  (10/2/2019) 
nicely done
nheiges  (10/2/2019) 
Nanook  (10/2/2019) 
love it !
hedgehog1965  (10/2/2019) 
Nice - takes me back to the 70s, making bird hand shadows in the light of our coal fire :-)
coyne  (10/3/2019) 
THEGRIP  (10/4/2019) 
Truly a beautiful piece
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