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Words: hillary, clinton, hillary clinton, celebrity, famous person, first lady, secretary of state, senator, presidential candidate, woman, adult, human, person, human being, female, living thing, life form, lifeform, organism, legislator, government official, candidate, political candidate, candidate politician, politician, sovereign ruler, worker, political leader, leader, ruler, sapient being, intelligent being, individual, entity, human head, cutout, hillary-clinton head, hillary head, clinton head, hillary clinton head, celebrity head, famous person head, first-lady head, first lady head, secretary-of-state head, secretary of state head, senator head, presidential-candidate head, presidential candidate head, woman head, adult head, person head, human being head, female head, legislator head, candidate-politician head, candidate head, political candidate head, candidate politician head, politician head, sovereign-ruler head, sovereign ruler head, worker head, political-leader head, political leader head, leader head, leader-ruler head, ruler head, sapient-being head, sapient being head, intelligent being head, individual head, animate-being head, animate being head, head, body part, part, shape, item, abstraction, abstract entity
Parts: human head
Size: 1.2 ft.
Num faces: 1

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  • Creator: www.lucascobb.com
  • License: CC BY-SA 2.0

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