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WordsEye knows all the standard colors: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, purple, orange, brown, etc. Colors can be modified with: light, bright, pale, and dark.
The green hippo is next to the gray tiger.
The hippo is green.The hippo is next to the tiger.The tiger is gray
The pale green hippo is next to the dark gray tiger.
The pale grape hippo is next to the seashell tiger.
Colors are by default applied to the main parts of an object. So, the blue dog will make the dog blue, but leave certain contrasting areas unchanged.
The dog is entirely blue or The entire dog is blue will apply the color (blue) to all parts of the dog.
For pre-textured objects, The blue dog will tint the texture blue
For pre-textured objects, The dog is solid blue will force the dog to be solid blue, losing the texture

You can also use many whimsically named colors.

Color names

wild rose white smoke white super red

snow silver rosy brown red terracotta

red quartz pink maroon indian red

gray gainsboro fire brick chili red

brown black antique silver antique lilac

raspberry rose geranium pink brown red sunrise rose

tulip red blush pink rosebush pink earth pink

leather red grenadine pink pansy orange prune rose

fire orange sunset orange misty rose salmon

ochre copper saffron orange taupe mauve mink brown

root brown mahogany tomato rust

apricot rosy tan clay brown antique rose

powder pink baby pink cinnamon brown peach

chestnut brown ebony metal brown cocoa

chestnut tree brown clay red burnt ochre orange terracotta

sepia mauve red orange coral orange red

red copper peachy pink squirrel brown papaya orange

copper hare brown dawn rose chocolate brown

sandy rose sienna cappuccino brown hazelnut

orange spice deer brown beige rose tobacco brown

mocha brown pottery brown earth gray cigar brown

golden brown ochre brown teddy brown old gold

beige rope camel mango orange seashell

nutmeg brown espresso brown saddle brown chocolate

teak brown wolf gray anthracite gray otter brown

mustard yellow sandy brown gingerbread brown caramel brown

peach puff eggshell cream spicy gold green gray

sisal brown tangerine orange honey gold peru

linen rope brown khaki green green oak brown

coffee brown bisque shell beige wicker brown

beech brown hops yellow savannah gold sahara cream

burlywood tan antique white silver birch beige

oak tree brown pepper black navajo white blanched almond

amber brass straw yellow cotton cream

papaya whip moccasin coffee cream tangerine

string brown curry yellow rye beige orange

sunlight yellow artichoke green wheat old lace

floral white autumn gold olive green dune cream

cream maize yellow olive tree green elephant gray

pepper gray goldenrod green bronze garlic cream

golden green grapefruit yellow green plains sand gold

daffodil yellow rock gray marsh green marmalade

cornsilk platinum gray lemon gold

mimosa yellow banana yellow ivory lemon chiffon

khaki vanilla bronze green yellow

resin green primrose yellow olive cliff gray

cactus green beige bud green grasshopper green

oak tree moss green undergrowth green winter white pewter gray

moss green celery green tarragon green sage green

granny smith green trellis green herb green fig tree green

olive drab insect green yellow-green hazel

algae green hunter green ash green lettuce heart green

green yellow fennel green basil green chartreuse

lawn green nile green silver green avocado green

apple green springtime green pistachio green parrot green

bamboo leaf green tweed green pine tree green fresh green

fern green baby green lime green lime

honeydew green forest green malachite green

pine forest green bottle green bay leaf green blue green

shadow green prairie green eucalyptus green jade green

snake green field green golf green gray green

peppermint green polar tree green thyme green celadon green

sea green spring green mint cream storm gray

cypress tree green aquamarine oyster gray pond green

spruce green emerald green ivy green acid green

turquoise teal cyan charcoal gray

azure aqua sea mist blue green turquoise

cadet blue morning sky blue summer rain blue powder blue

waterfall blue lagoon turquoise iceland blue sky blue

igloo blue cloud blue pond blue petrol blue

steel blue fjord blue alice blue forget me not blue

dodger blue slate gray sea spray blue electric blue

azure blue sea gull blue moonlight blue cornflower blue

delft blue baby blue caribbean blue ink blue

blue gray gentle blue swimming pool blue night blue

royal blue horizon blue indigo blue blueberry blue

sea blue mouse gray mediterranean blue cobalt blue

storm blue hydrangea blue ash blue ocean blue

steel gray pearl gray navy midnight blue

marine blue lead gray ghost white chrome gray

blue wisteria violet slate blue iris violet

mauve granite gray blue violet indigo

lavender pansy lavender amethyst violet violet

thistle purple plum magenta

grape fuchsia orchid black currant

lilac rose lilac hot pink rosebud pink

pigeon gray rose petal pink hyacinth pink pink plum

garnet red lavender blush marshmallow rose sweet pink

fuschia pink shell pink gray bougainvillea fuschia stone gray

litchee mauve iron gray heather lilac egyptian red

pink mauve marshmallow pink turtledove gray rose pink

crimson pink bordeaux wine mauve raspberry mauve

ash hydrangea pink candyfloss pink quiet pink hydrangea pink

cranberry pink crimson pink wildness antique mauve

dusty raspberry dusty rose flamingo pink azalea pink

ruby red strawberry aubergine mauve petunia pink

mars red wine red scarlet red vermilion

japanese red cherry red china red