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Parts of objects can be given colors or textures. The parts on the 3D models are sometimes intuitively named. The LIBRARY tab lists the part names of all 3D models (by clicking on the thumbnail).
The top of the cube is green. The front of the cube is hot pink. The right side of the cube is orange.
The head of the horse is green. The large baseball is above the head of the horse.
The ltusk of the elephant is purple.

When a word and part are used, it will use the 3D objects that have a part with that name and skip ones that don't.
The head of the animal is purple.

The names top, bottom, left, right, front, back are special and can be used as reference points on ALL objects, even if there is no specific part on that object with that name.This is useful for placing objects exactly. So, for example, to partially submerge or bury an object, you'd put the bottom part of it below the groundplane.
The bottom of the horse is 3 feet below the ground. The ground is shiny.