Two ways to create movies

Movies can be made either by animating the camera for the current scene or from Stories.

Camera Animation — Keyframes

Camera animation video ▶

To animate the camera, you first need to specify two camera views (keyframes) for your current scene in the Create page. You can access the keyframes by clicking on the FILMSTRIP icon under the scene (highlighted in red below). This will reveal thumbnails for START VIEW and END VIEW, along with buttons to insert the current view into those saved views.

To set a start keyframe, click on the SET START VIEW button next to the left thumbnail.

Then adjust your camera position, as you would normally, to select an end keyframe for the animation. Then click on the SET END VIEW button next to the right thumbnail to store that view.

Camera Animation — Parameters

Once you have have specified a start and end view you can then create a preview movie. To do that, cick on the orange ANIMATE button. This will pop up a small Animation Preview window with some parameters for the animation

The animation will interpolate the start view to the last view, with the following parameters:

Final Movie. This is the resulting movie from the keyframes and parameters specified in the example above.

Animating Stories

Stories are a Premium feature that allow multiple panels to be sequenced. In Edit Story mode, there's a filmstrip icon that invokes an Animation Preview dialog.

Story animation video ▶

The pop-up Preview Animation dialog for stories is similar to that for camera animation.

The Story Preview Animation dialog has the following parameters and buttons:

Note: Stories can also have movies inserted into their panels. And you can then, in turn, create a movie from that store. If you create a movie from a story that has movies in one or more panels, those embedded movies will become part of the new composite movie. When you create a movie from that story, then the resulting movie no longer depends on either the story or any of its embedded movies it might have in its panels.


It costs 20 tokens to create a movie from either a story or from the camera.

Stories are limited to 20 panels. However, if a story panel contains a movie then the overall story might have more than 20 frames total. If that story is then converted to a movie, every additional group of 20 frames is charged additional 20 tokens.