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Words: winter, white, speed, snow, snow mass, snowfall, human, person, human being, park, offspring, new york city, new york, limb, joy, ice skate, ice cube, ice, human leg, city, old city, activity, season, entity, color, abstraction, abstract entity, recreational drug, intoxicant, drug, ingestible, item, christmas item, christmas-item, holiday item, solid, precipitation, weather, atmospheric phenomenon, physical phenomenon, natural phenomenon, event, living thing, life form, lifeform, organism, land area, location, locale, place, spot, setting, venue, kinsman, relative, sapient being, intelligent being, individual, municipality, geographical area, part, human feeling, emotion, mood, feeling, sportsware, footwear, equipment, clothing, garb, clothes, apparel, article of clothing, covering, wearable, bodywear, body part, leg, animal limb, district, action, Cold Temperature, Frozen, Fun, Group Of People, Healthy Lifestyle, Horizontal, Human Body Part, Human Foot, Human Limb, Ice Rink, Ice-skating, Leisure Activity, Lifestyles, Motion, Outdoors, People, Recreational Pursuit, Relaxation Exercise, Sport, Winter Sport, Young, ground, backdrop, texture, texture map, picture, image

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