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Words: yellow, wheat, weather, sun, summer, straw, drinking straw, stack, sky, firmament, rye, human, person, human being, pattern, package, meadow, meadowland, landscape, land, heap, haystack, hay, gold bullion, gold, food, field, farm, cylinder, crop, cloud, circle, barley, barbed wire, hay bale, bale, bale of hay, autumn, agriculture, color, abstraction, abstract entity, entity, grass, gramineous plant, ground cover, groundcover, terrestial plant, surface objects, surface, support, part, plant, living thing, life form, lifeform, organism, grain, ingestible, atmospheric phenomenon, physical phenomenon, natural phenomenon, event, star, light source, season, item, solid, group, design, filled container, container, storage device, enclosure, device, storage, implement, equipment, grassland, land area, location, locale, place, spot, setting, venue, art subject types, visual art, art, livestock feed, metal, shape, polygon, 2d shape, wire, hardware, Cereal Plant, Dry, Gold Color, Golden - British Columbia, Harvesting, Horizontal, Large, Large Group Of People, Nature, Outdoors, People, Rolled Up, Rowing, Rural Scene, Rye - England, ground, backdrop, texture, texture map, picture, image

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