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Words: Tuscany, Toscana, travel, sunlight, sun, summer, sky, firmament, plant, plain, pasture, meadow, meadowland, landscape, land, hill, grass, field, farm, day of the week, day, beauty, agriculture, state, geographical area, land area, location, locale, place, spot, setting, venue, entity, light, star, light source, season, living thing, life form, lifeform, organism, grassland, art subject types, visual art, art, group, slope, item, covering, gramineous plant, ground cover, groundcover, terrestial plant, surface objects, surface, support, part, solid, abstraction, abstract entity, time, time of day, time of the day, aesthetics, desirability, Cloudscape, Horizon Over Land, Horizontal, Nature, Outdoors, Rural Scene, Scenics, Springtime, Vibrant Color, ground, backdrop, texture, texture map, picture, image