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splish splash

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nheiges (7/3/2020) 
Cool! There is an icon that looks like a film strip on the story creation page. If you click on that, you can set how many seconds (or fractions of a second) per panel. It took me a minute to figure it out!
coyne (7/3/2020) 
haha great!! :-)
coyne (7/3/2020) 
yeah, sorry there isn't any help written for it yet....we'll do that soon.
coyne (7/3/2020) 
There are two ways of creating animation. 1) there's the filmstrip on the Story page that lets you create movies from stories. 2) There's a filmstrip on the Create page that lets you animate your 3D camera like @mohapn15 did in his zen animation.

And you can also insert an animation of either type into a story panel and then animate that combo story. So this allows you to do some mixing and matching of the different types. Note: There's a limit as to how long those combo animations are allowed to be.
nheiges (7/3/2020) 
Really great new functionalities! Thank you @coyne!
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