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Off We Go

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Nanook (7/9/2020) 
This was actually intended to finish the hitchhiker story but I couldn't put it together so here it is.
coyne (7/9/2020) 
did you try making a story that combined the movies? i.e make a story where one or more of the panels is a movie. And them make a movie from that story.
Nanook (7/9/2020) 
basically yes, I wanted to finish the story with the video clip but t wasn't in the scene 'portfolio' per say and I couldn't see a way to take it from the movie 'portfolio'
coyne (7/9/2020) 
In Story editing, if you click on the "Add Panel" button, it brings up a selection page where you can add a new scene as a panel. On that selection page if you select "My Movies" it will instead let you select any movie you've already created. Your story will then contain a movie and can thus allow movies (and regular story panels) to be combined into longer movies.
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