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Boogie together

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nheiges (7/11/2020) 
Reminds me of the nasal swab I got yesterday! There is a tiny chance my son was exposed to someone who might have the virus, but we are not sick. Just an excuse to get tested.
Nanook (7/11/2020) 
Hopefully it will be negative, it's scary stuff. I went to vote 2 days ago, did it curbside because masks are not mandated, crazy. That's the first contact I've had with anyone since March 18th. (except Mr, Nanook).
zamchick (7/11/2020) 
Mr. Nanook LoL
nheiges (7/11/2020) 
Thanks! Our city just (finally) mandated masks and it's amazing how upset some people are getting about it.
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