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Hang Ten

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mohapn15 (7/16/2020) 
This is great!
nheiges (7/16/2020) 
Nice! I especially like the last part, going through the tube :-). I see the water image is the right size at the end.
Nanook (7/16/2020) 
Thanks and yes that's what I was describing to @coyne. I think it would've been a lot more cohesive if the texture wasn't a problem.
nheiges (7/17/2020) 
I wonder why it looked right in the last part? Hmm.
zamchick (7/17/2020) 
you didn't :-)
Nanook (7/17/2020) 
Yes, oh yes I did hehehe :-DD
coyne (7/18/2020) 
I love the part going through the tube too!
coyne (7/18/2020) 
@nanook, yes there does seem to be a bug with the sizes of textures not being stable in some cases.
watcher570 (7/21/2020) 
cool animation!
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