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Baby's First Steps

mohapn15 (8/18/2020) 
This is wonderful! The timing and general composition is excellent!
Nanook (8/18/2020) 
Thank you, the composition is ok but it lacks the smoothness that I had hoped for. Obviously I have work to do. Not an easy task to be sure :-)
watcher570 (8/19/2020) 
KAWE (8/19/2020) 
nheiges (8/19/2020) 
Sweet, like a home movie. :-)
Nanook (8/20/2020) 
That would have been a great idea @nheiges, make it a black and white movie :-)
nheiges (8/20/2020) 
I love the warm tone of it, though.
Nanook (8/20/2020) 
thank you, I'm not even sure if the effects would actually carry over to the final movie......guess that's something we need to know.
nheiges (8/20/2020) 
Hi @Nanook! Thanks for checking in via chat and I'm sorry I missed it. For me school starts on Monday, and we're meeting face to face. Masks are required, and there can be no more than ten students in a room for 24 to allow for social distancing. I taught online this summer, and it was so much work and so frustrating. I'm really looking forward to being with students in person, but also pretty anxious about the risk. . .I just had a quick COVID test today because of a head cold and got the results back in 20 minutes - negative! I was worried I might miss the first day of class! My son goes back on the 8th, a delayed opening to his senior year, but his school (the public school district) is online only, fortunately. How are you and your family doing?
Nanook (8/21/2020) 
@nheiges, Great to hear from you. I didn't notice you online for several days so I was wondering how you were doing. We are doing good, staying home except for curbside groceries. Putting on the quarantine 15. It's too hot to get out and exercise. (We had a 26 day run of triple digits got a 1 day reprieve and back at it). YAY! I have enjoyed the fresh tomatoes and Mr. Nanook has new vines going now so hopefully we will be able to enjoy them for some time to come. I am so glad we don't have kids in school. One of my sisters is a school bus driver in the DFW area and is back at work already.My thoughts are with you, be safe. :-)
nheiges (8/21/2020) 
Thanks for thinking of me. I know it's rare I miss a day here :-). We actually took a trip to the beach for a few days, and it was a much-needed escape from routine. For the most part, people stayed socially distant outdoors, and we didn't do any indoor things. Fingers crossed it was a minimal risk. I'm glad to hear that you and Mr. Nanook are surviving the isolation and the heat - how awful! It's bad enough here, and I'm not getting in a lot of exercise either. I envy your fresh tomatoes, though. Your sister is a total hero, driving a school bus. Wow. I wish her well!
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