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Man. Woman. Person. Camera. TV.
Too late I realize I have the words/images in the wrong order! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8oaaP68i4s

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watcher570 (8/28/2020) 
still works fine!
Nanook (8/28/2020) 
Surely you've seen this if not enjoy :
along with article hehehe
Nanook (8/28/2020) 
Oh I see now you have the you tube video listed. Hilarious :-DDD
coyne (8/28/2020) 
That's great!

Yeah, that sarah cooper lip syncing on it is hilarious :-)
zamchick (8/28/2020) 
i see what you did there :-)
nheiges (8/28/2020) 
She is SO FUNNY!
nheiges (8/28/2020) 
"Nobody gets it in order. It's not that easy." I didn't get the extra points on the cognitive test.
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