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Up and Down

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Nanook (9/5/2020) 
You really get the feeling of rising way up and descending quickly. great ending too!
nheiges (9/5/2020) 
Thanks! I keep experimenting, trying to create a movie with no or only minimal pauses - haven't figured it out yet, though.
Nanook (9/5/2020) 
I'm with you on that, practice and tokens hahaha!
nheiges (9/5/2020) 
zamchick (9/6/2020) 
coyne (9/6/2020) 
coyne (9/6/2020) 
btw, @nheiges, to fully eliminate the pauses, we'll probably have to add a way to tell the system to skip the extra first/last frame when splicing sub-movies together in a story (or something equivalent to that). Haven't gotten to doing that yet though :-)
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