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The Prodigal

Input text: 
a pen. a 1st small cow is 50 feet behind and -21 feet above the pen. a lemon light is -15 feet above the pen. shadow plane is invisible. a 1st copper light is 5 feet left of the lemon light. a 2nd copper light is 5 feet right of the lemon light. the floor of the pen is shiny. a big light is in front of and above the cow. a 2nd [pattern] cow is -20.5 feet above and -10.6 feet right of the pen. it faces the 1st cow. a 3rd cow faces the 1st cow. it is 1 feet left of the 2nd cow.
Canvas texture, Saturation
KAWE (2019) 
ohoh lost in a poppy field :-)
watcher570 (2019) 
returns! nice one
coyne (2019) 
very nice!
Nanook (2019) 
nheiges (2019) 
gracias a todos!
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