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Beach Games

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A lemur is -2 inch above a huge 50% dark [sand] clam. Camera light is black. A light is above and left of the lemur. A large 30% dark shiny lemon umbrella is 4 feet behind and right of the clam. It is leaning right. A small 50% dark chair is -2 feet left of the umbrella. It is facing southeast. A bag is right of and behind the chair. The azimuth of the sun is 260 degrees. A 70% dark lemur is 1 foot right of the chair. A small 50% dark beach ball is behind and -1.2 foot right of the clam.
nheiges (2019) 
Makes me think of Mario Kart - which would have been better with lemurs :-)
watcher570 (2019) 
coyne (2019) 
zamchick (2019) 
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