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The Night the World Crumbled
We watched on as it fell...

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A 5 inch high black shiny monument is -0.6 inch above a huge purple diamond. 50% shiny gemstone backdrop. Sky is 6500 feet wide storm. It is leaning forward. A 6 inch high shiny eagle is 2 inch behind and -4 inch above the monument. It is leaning 55 degrees to the front. A huge clear sphere is behind and -7 feet above and 4.5 feet left of the eagle. 10 navy lights are above and right of the sphere. A 4 inch wide shiny black plank is -4 inch above and left of the monument. The azimuth of the sun is 40 degrees. The altitude of the sun is 70 degrees.
Saturation, Brightness
watcher570 (2019) 
Great title!
hedgehog1965 (2019) 
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