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Prisoner X

Input text: 
a clear olive man.a ball and chain is -9 inches right of the man.a clear white jail is -5 feet behind the man.factory backdrop.[abstract] sky.a 6 feet tall soldier is in front of the jail.
Effects: Saturation
nheiges  (10/24/2019) 
cool scene!
nheiges  (10/24/2019) 
Guard Y

KAWE  (10/25/2019) 
very clever made
nheiges  (10/25/2019) 
@watcher570, I started watching Castle Rock a couple of nights ago - I don't know if you have access to that show, but you might like it. :-) Part of it so far takes place in a prison, which is what reminded me.
watcher570  (10/25/2019) 
@nheiges I have heard of the series but have not yet watched it
nheiges  (10/25/2019) 
I'm just two episodes in, but so far I would definitely recommend it.
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