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I need to break out of my shell!

Input text: 
[space] house.a 4 feet tall man is -13 feet right of the house.he is -9 feet in front of the house.the man is -16.5 feet above the house.the man's eye is yellow.
3D models:
Nanook (10/27/2019) 
Makes me think of the M&M commercials :-)
nheiges (10/28/2019) 
I couldn't open this without unlocking tokens - but what is the clear thing in front of the house? Love the scene!
watcher570 (10/28/2019) 
@nheiges the clear thing in front is a roof because the character is on the top floor :-)
nheiges (10/28/2019) 
KaleiIsTooTech (10/29/2019) 
Archer (10/29/2019) 
This is genuinely terrifying
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