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Cap'n Noah

Input text: 
The eye of a monk is 0.07 inch wide eye. The robe of the monk is ocean. A small hat is -4 inch above the monk. A 40% dark giraffe is 10 feet behind and 15 feet left of the monk. It is facing east. Camera light is black. A light is left of and 4 feet in front of the giraffe. 2 dim cyan lights are right of and above the monk. 40% dark backdrop. A 30% dark large giraffe is left of and behind the giraffe. It is facing southeast. The sun is khaki.
Effects: Brightness
Attributions (3D models): monk
watcher570  (11/7/2019) 
nheiges  (11/8/2019) 
great scene and interesting text - I didn't know we could give a size to a part.
KAWE  (11/8/2019) 
I did not know that Noah was a pirate :-)
coyne  (11/8/2019) 
Nice one!

@nheiges, I didn't look in detail at what this scene is doing, but parts can't be sized independently of the full object, since they're the same mesh.
nheiges  (11/8/2019) 
Actually I didn't read that first line of text correctly - didn't catch the word "eye" at the end.
Nanook  (11/8/2019) 
Bon voyage :-)
hedgehog1965  (11/8/2019) 
Thanks, me hearties :-)