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The vase adds the right splash of color, don't you think?

Input text: 
a marble is -21.3 feet above a 25 foot tall house. a 4 foot tall person is 2.5 feet left of and 5 feet behind it. the house is 1 foot tall pattern. a small vase is 3.5 feet in front of and 1.5 feet left of and -2.5 feet above the person. it is .25 foot tall [marble]. a .1 foot tall 60% dim linen light is 3 feet in front of and -.5 foot above the vase. the person faces the vase. a 3.8 foot tall person is 1 foot left of the person. camera light is 60% tan.
Brightness, Contrast, Contrast
3D models:
💰 house
💰 person
KAWE  (11/11/2019) 
yes absolutely :-)
watcher570  (11/11/2019) 
hedgehog1965  (11/11/2019) 
I do think!
nheiges  (11/11/2019) 
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