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Mr. Bunker lives on beer and pretzels

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a [city] backdrop.a 35 inch tall man.the man is facing north.a 500 inch tall and 700 inch wide maroon window is 600 inch behind the man.the window is -100 inch above the man.a 20 inch tall steel table is behind the man.the table leans 20 degrees to the front.a 20 inch tall steel chair is in front of the man.the chair is facing north.a 30 inch tall beer bottle is -10 inch above the table. the table.the beer bottle is right of the man.the label of the beer bottle is 10 inch wide [alcohol].the bottle leans 20 degrees to the front.a 1st 10 inch tall pretzel is -1 inch left of the man.the 1st pretzel leans 50 degrees to back.the 1st pretzel is -10 inch above the table.a 2nd 10 inch tall pretzel is -4 inch above the 1st pretzel.the 2nd pretzel leans 45 degrees to back.the 2nd pretzel leans -25 degrees to the front.sky is blue.
Saturation, Sharpen
nheiges (11/28/2019) 
watcher570 (11/29/2019) 
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