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The Timeless Metaphor!
Recently the mountain is Medicare and the boulder is transitioning Mom to a new plan. Possibly the most complicated thing I've ever tried to do.

Input text: 
a [sand] mountain is 1 foot in the ground. ground is [sand]. ground is 30 feet tall. a 9 foot tall dark person is -25 feet right of and -40 feet in front of and -24 feet above the mountain. she faces the mountain. she leans 15 degrees to the back. a 10 foot tall [sand] rock is -7 feet above and -3 feet left of the person. it leans to the right. sky leans 45 degrees to the front. ground is visible. backdrop is desert. camera light is peach.
Attributions (3D models): person
Attributions: Getty Images
coyne  (12/4/2019) 
Jeez...good luck with that!
nheiges  (12/4/2019) 
Thank you! I'm hoping all this effort will pay off in expertise when I turn 65, but probably everything will have changed completely by then.
Nanook  (12/4/2019) 
Oh I feel for you so much....I haven't forgotten, don't think I ever will, how much time and decisive intellect it takes/took to maneuver that system. I will be thinking of you. Yeah I have to look at my health care plan for the upcoming year as well and am not looking forward to that either.
nheiges  (12/4/2019) 
Thank you for the sympathy, @Nanook! I have a lot anxiety about making the wrong decision. She had a group Medicare plan as a retirement benefit, but it was suddenly discontinued, so we're on our own to find something else. But I feel like I need a master's degree in insurance to wade through all this information and make any sense of it! I really hope your process is simpler or at least less stressful.
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