The Healer of Houseplants

Input text: a tree is in a forest. its leaf is dull dark green. its tree trunk is dark [bark]. a 3 foot tall building is -13 feet above the tree. a .7 foot tall dull person is -2.2 feet above and -1 feet in front of the building. a gold light is in front of and -.2 feet above the person. camera light is dim. sun is dim. a tiny green bronze light is behind and right of and -.1 foot above the person. the person's robe is white. the person faces east. a .3 foot tall white table is east of him. a .2 foot tall plant is -.01 foot above the table. the table faces east. a light is .3 feet above the plant. a .65 foot tall person is -.05 foot east of and -.05 foot in front of the table. she faces the plant.
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Effects: Sharpen, Saturation, Saturation
Attributions (3D models): building person person
watcher570  (12/7/2019) 
Nanook  (12/7/2019) 
a type of rogation day blessing :-)
nheiges  (12/7/2019) 
that's a new word @Nanook :-)
coyne  (12/7/2019) 
Great scene and funny idea :-)
hedgehog1965  (12/8/2019) 
Some plants need it more than others:
nheiges  (12/9/2019) 
I wonder if my dog can hear the complaints of my houseplants?
nheiges  (12/9/2019) 
Silent Scream

hedgehog1965  (12/10/2019) 
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