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Heavenward Gaze
I like this model's face!

Input text: 
woman. a beige light is in front of and -.5 foot above her. camera light is dim lemon. sun is black.
watcher570 (12/14/2019) 
Nanook (12/14/2019) 
she looks like Allison Janney!
nheiges (12/14/2019) 
It's CJ! (from The West Wing)
Nanook (12/14/2019) 
Yep that's her and Bonnie on Mom
nheiges (12/14/2019) 
I haven't seen Mom, but CJ Craig is one of my all-time favorite tv characters! I watched The West Wing four times a day on Bravo when I was on maternity leave. :-)
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