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square is 4 foot wide 20% reflective [grid1]. backdrop is space. first hand is 2 inch in square and -0.5 foot to right. hand is -0.5 foot to back. hand is 2 foot wide 20% reflective [grid1]. second 20% reflective hand is 0.2 foot above first hand and -0.35 foot to right. hand is upside down. crimson clear 0.2 foot wide dodecahedron is 0.1 inch in front of hand and 0.735 foot above square. dodecahedron is -0.25 foot to left. dodecahedron is facing southwest. 1 foot long car is 1 inch in square. car is facing southeast. car is 20% reflective 2 foot wide grid1. car's wheel rim is electric blue. car's headlight is electric blue. 1 foot long 20% reflective [grid1] building is -1 inch left of first hand. building is facing back. 0.6 foot tall and 0.5 foot wide 20% reflective [grid1] computer is 1 inch left of building. computer is 0.5 foot deep. computer's panel is 25% reflective electric blue. 0.1 foot wide and 5 foot long shiny teal tube is 1.6 inch in computer and -2 inch in front of computer. tube is -2.8 inch to left. tube is facing down. 0.1 foot wide and 7 foot long shiny crimson second tube is 2.8 inch in computer and -5 inch to left. tube is facing down. tube is 1 inch in front of computer. first crimson light is in front of building.
hedgehog1965 (12/15/2019) 
Nicely connected bit of symbolism
watcher570 (12/15/2019) 
cool scene!
nheiges (12/15/2019) 
Nanook (12/15/2019) 
coyne (12/15/2019) 
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