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Beautiful Ghosts

Input text: 
Alley backdrop. 1st white cat. it faces southeast. a 1.9 feet tall shiny garbage can is 3.4 feet right of and 2.5 feet behind and -2.4 feet above the cat. it faces left. it leans 83 degrees to the front. a 1 feet tall and 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep crate is .5 feet right of and -1.3 feet above and -1 feet behind the garbage faces southwest. a small peru bag is in the crate. a .7 feet tall bottle is 4 feet behind and -1 feet left of the cat. it leans 76 degrees to the left. a small can is in front of and .2 feet left of the bottle. it leans right. a 1.3 feet wide copper manhole cover is .3 feet in front of and 1.5 feet right of and -2.5 feet above the cat.a .8 feet tall ocelot is 1.7 feet right of and 5 feet behind the 1st cat. 2nd 1.5 feet tall gray cat is behind and -.9 feet left of the garbage can. it faces the 1st cat. a thought bubble is above the 1st cat. a 1 feet tall shiny dawn rose chair is -1.3 feet above the thought bubble. 3 peach lights are -.4 feet above and -7 inch in front of the chair. 3rd matte skin cat is 1 feet behind and .6 feet right of the manhole cover. it faces the 1st cat. a .4 feet tall rat is 6 inch in front of and -.8 feet right of the crate. it faces left. a carrot is -.4 feet left of and in front of the crate. it faces southwest. a 9 inch wide and 6 inch deep and .2 inch tall clear lake is in front of and -1.3 feet left of the 1st cat. a 4 inch tall red cup is left of the lake. it leans 87 degrees to the left. ambient light is pond blue. camera light is dim. a coral point light is 3 inch above the ocelot
##HD #Cats 
Cracked paint, Sharpen
watcher570 (2019) 
nice atmosphere
KAWE (2019) 
nheiges (2019) 
I hadn't heard the song before - the scene is an excellent representation!
Nanook (2019) 
thanks, I actually hadn't heard the song until a couple of nights ago watching Jimmy Fallon. Taylor Swift teamed up with him and the band and sang it. It's a new song put together for the movie version "Cats".
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