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Input text: 15% reflective 6 foot tall marble column. 4 foot tall potted plant is -1 inch above column and -2.05 foot to right. potted plant's planter is stone. 10 foot tall and 4 foot wide picture frame is 3 foot behind column and 8 foot to left. picture frame is facing southeast. picture frame's frame is marble. picture frame's picture is 15% reflective [orangegrad]. 3 foot wide stone bowl is -1 foot left of column. bowl is leaning 60 degrees to front. bowl is facing southwest. bowl is 5 inch in ground. 1 foot tall first tangerine orange 20% reflective sphere is -2 foot in front of bowl and -1 foot to left. sphere is 3 inch in ground. 1 foot tall delft blue second 20% reflective sphere is -5 inch in front of first sphere and 3 inch to right. sphere is -4 inch in ground. third lime green 20% reflective 1 foot tall third sphere is -1 inch in front of first sphere and 2 inch to right. sphere is 1 inch in ground. 5 foot wide cube is 8 foot behind picture frame and -5.5 foot to right. cube is facing northeast. cube is 5 foot wide [texture]. 1 foot tall shiny green pyramid is 5.5 foot above cube. pyramid is upside down. 3.5 foot tall bell jar is 1 inch in cube. bell jar's base is shiny lavender. 2 foot tall flask is 2.5 feet in bell jar. flask's flask is shiny cyan. flask's stopper is shiny. 3 foot wide and 3 foot tall square is 1 foot right of potted plant and 3 foot to back. square is 3 foot deep. square is facing down. square is 7.5 foot above ground. square is 3 foot wide [imgs]. big marble gargoyle is 1 foot behind column and 1.2 foot to right. gargoyle is facing southwest. ground is 15 foot wide [checkerboard]. ground is 15% reflective. dim lavender light is behind potted plant. light is facing plant. dim cyan light is above bell jar. 2 foot wide 25% reflective red first cylinder is 2.5 foot left of bowl. cylinder is 0.5 foot in ground. 2.2 foot wide 20% reflective grey second cylinder is 1.3 foot in first cylinder. dim orange light is behind column.
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