The Moomin Express

Input text: A tall clear wall is above a long silver wall. [Snow] sky. Silver ground. A small 20% shiny train is -4 feet right of the wall. 4 blue lights are above the wall. 4 red lights are in front of and left of and above the train. Camera light is cyan. A hippo is left of the train. A 50% dark yellow sign is in front of and -1.5 foot right of and -6 feet above the hippo. It is facing west. The sun is khaki. A huge [snow] wall is 4 feet right of the train. It is facing east. A very long thin dark shiny track is -15 feet above the train.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Saturation, Contrast, Color-emboss
watcher570  (12/26/2019) 
nice! :-)
nheiges  (12/26/2019) 
Nanook  (12/26/2019) 
This is a really intriguing composition :-)
hedgehog1965  (12/27/2019) 
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