Carnival of the animals

Input text: a shiny [Carnival] backdrop.a 10 inch tall shiny 60% dim elephant is -9 inch above a 15 inch tall red unicycle.the elephant leans 50 degrees to back.the elephant is -48 inch in front of the unicycle.the elephant is 12 inch wide [carnival].sky is black.a 15 inch tall orangutan is 9 inch right of the unicycle.the orangutan is facing the elephant.the orangutan is 60 inch tall [woman].a 15 inch tall hat is -10 inch above the orangutan.the hat is -10 inch in front of the orangutan.the hat is facing the elephant.the hat is 10 inch right of the unicycle.the hat leans 40 degrees to back.
Tags:  ##getty  ##HD 
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Effects: Saturation, Sharpen
Attributions: Getty Images, Carnival of... by KAWE
hedgehog1965  (1/16/2020) 
I was listening to this about an hour ago :-)
Nanook  (1/16/2020) 
Very colorful show indeed!
nheiges  (1/16/2020) 
fun scene!
watcher570  (1/17/2020) 
zamchick  (1/19/2020) 
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