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Prawn to C4
...Check mate!

Input text: 
the cube is to the left of the island. the 6 foot tall shiny prawn is 56 feet to the right of the cube. it is facing the cube. it is in the ground. the ground is water. the island is sand. the small black "C4" is to the left of the prawn. it is -1.7 feet above the island. the checkerboard wall is 5 feet in front of the prawn. the sun is gold. the LPREYEL of the prawn is stained glass. the LPREYER of the prawn is stained glass. the huge marble knight is on the "C4". the knight is facing right. the cyan illuminator is 4 feet above the knight.
PaulKaplan  (5 years ago) 
that is a TERRIBLE joke, but very funny, ill give it to you.
TheHoofer  (5 years ago) 
one learns very quickly: All puns are terrible, the more outlandish they are, the better.

To tell you the truth, i dont really know what a prawn is.
Zamchick  (5 years ago) 
a tall shrimp
TheHoofer  (5 years ago) 
a tall shrimp? Thats an oxymoron!
Zamchick  (5 years ago) 
an edu moron is an educated moron...oh, nevermind.
rws  (5 years ago) 
very good, though unfortunately I think you're mixing two chess notations.
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