Emergence of a New Strain

Input text: A small white bacterium is -14 feet above and -4 feet behind and -5 feet left of a humongous 40% shiny microscope. Laboratory backdrop. A humongous man is 12 feet behind and -120 feet above the microscope. He is leaning 10 degrees to the front. Camera light is black. A light is in front of the microscope. A green light is -6 inch above and -4 inch in front of the bacterium. The sun is navy. A red light is 20 feet behind and right of the microscope. The sky is laboratory.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Saturation
Attributions (3D models): man
nheiges  (1/2/2020) 
It's awfully cute :-)
Nanook  (1/2/2020) 
Yes it is and a very cool scene too!
watcher570  (1/3/2020) 
well made!
KAWE  (1/3/2020) 
absolutely great
hedgehog1965  (1/3/2020) 
Thanks :-)
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