Between Being and Nothingness

Input text: a clear lemon chiffon person is 1 foot above the ground. a clear green oval is on the ground. it is 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide and 1 feet deep. it is -1.75 feet in front of the person. ground is invisible. sky leans 45 degrees to the left.
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Effects: Contrast, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness, Contrast, Contrast, Contrast, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness
Attributions: oval by nheiges
zamchick  (1/2/2020) 
Wonderfully painterly
KAWE  (1/3/2020) 
watcher570  (1/3/2020) 
very nice!
mohapn15  (1/3/2020) 
This is phenomenal!
Nanook  (1/3/2020) 
I think the first thing I noticed was how beautifully painterly this is ...I love it! I had to open it up and take a look ...excellent!
hedgehog1965  (1/3/2020) 
Nicely done, and with only contrast and brightness effects
nheiges  (1/3/2020) 
Thanks to all!
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