What can you see, boy

Input text: night backdrop. a cat.clear ground.three purple lights are 1 feet right of the cat.three blue lights are 1 feet above the cat.three red lights are 1 feet in front of the cat.a large clear window is in front of the cat.it is 12 feet wide.a woman is left of the cat.the backdrop is shiny.the sky is [image-11829].a humongous shiny monk is 1 feet behind the woman.the monk's robe is silver.
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Attributions (3D models): woman monk
Attributions: Existence by watcher570
KAWE  (1/4/2020) 
hmm disturbing
Nanook  (1/4/2020) 
this one begs to be studied !
nheiges  (1/4/2020) 

Looks pretty cool from the backside too
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