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Bermuda Triangle

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the ground is dark water. there is a large sailboat on the ground. there are 3 translucent shiny swimmers in the ground 1 foot behind the sailboat. there is an very gigantic clock 60 feet in front of the sailboat. it is on the ground. it is yellow. the sky is stars. the clock is reflective. there is a gigantic shiny black reflective pyramid 1 foot above the sailboat. the clock is facing the sailboat. there is a bright blue illuminator 1 inch below the pyramid. there are 2 large boats in front of the sailboat. the boats are transparent and shiny. the boats are above the ground. there is a very large shiny black pyramid above the boats. there are 3 transparent swimmers above the pyramid.
TheHoofer (legacy) 
wow, this one is really intricate, looks good.
Zamchick (legacy) 
the painting that it used for the sky is an awesome touch.
coyne (legacy) 
very original look to this.
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