Shore of Dreams

Input text: A shiny black blind. Water backdrop. A dark shiny lamp is 1.5 foot right of and 6 inch in front of the blind. Azimuth of the sun is 30 degrees. A pink light is behind and -4 inch left of the lamp. A glass is left of and behind the lamp. It is on the ground. A man is -2 inch behind and 1 foot right of the blind. He is facing west. He is on the ground. Camera light is grey.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Brightness, Cracked paint, Sharpen
Attributions (3D models): man
Nanook  (1/11/2020) 
Can't say for sure what it is but I really like this scene :-)
nheiges  (1/11/2020) 
Pleasant dreams :-)
hedgehog1965  (1/11/2020) 
The wine helps :-)
Nanook  (1/12/2020) 
Aaahhhh, makes sense :-)
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