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Input text: a box is -4 feet in front of and -21.9 feet above a house. a 1st large fence faces right. it is left of the house. a 2nd large fence faces right. it is in front of the fence. a person is right of and -1 foot behind and -1.35 foot above the box. she faces the box. she leans 5 degrees to the front. a cat is -1.4 foot above the box. it faces right. it leans back. sun is linen. a tiny 40% dim gold light is left of and 1 feet in front of and -1 foot above the person.
Views: 100
Effects: Contrast
Attributions (3D models): person
Attributions: box by Nanook
KAWE  (1/12/2020) 
from Amazon :-)
coyne  (1/12/2020) 
so cute :-)
Nanook  (1/12/2020) 
there it is, the ever useful box :-) love the scene!
nheiges  (1/12/2020) 

Nanook  (1/14/2020) 
Oh no you din't...hahaha, it's everywhere!! "-DDDD
Nanook  (1/14/2020) 
'RING' Amazonian Delivery

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