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Northern Lights

Input text: 
Shiny mirror ground. A huge white tree. A humongous bear is 20 feet left of the tree. It is facing the tree. Camera light is black. 3 cyan lights are behind and right of the tree. 30% dark sky. 3 huge navy lights are behind the light. An enormous black shiny box is in front of and -50 feet left of the tree. A scarlet light is in the box. City sky. A green light is right of the tree. The sun is cream. A humongous shiny fox is 15 feet right of the box.
Effects: Color-emboss
Attributions: Getty Images
nheiges  (1/13/2020) 
Nanook  (1/14/2020) 
so beautiful and I love the light patterns through the crate it reminds me of the magic of the auroras the first time I experienced them in real time :-) do miss Alaska :-(
hedgehog1965  (1/14/2020) 
I miss the Highlands too...
Nanook  (1/15/2020) 
can you see the auroras from there?
hedgehog1965  (1/15/2020) 
Yes, the Mirrie Dancers come out every now and again :-)
Nanook  (1/16/2020) 
Nice :-)