'RING' Amazonian Delivery

Input text: a box is -4 feet in front of and -21.9 feet above a house. a 1st large fence faces right. it is left of the house. a 2nd large fence faces right. it is in front of the fence. a cat is -1.4 foot above the box. it faces right. it leans back. sun is linen. a tiny 40% dim gold light is left of and 1 feet in front of and -1 foot above the cat. a huge drone is 2 feet above and -5 feet behind and .3 feet right of the 2nd fence. it leans southeast.
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Effects: Sharpen
Attributions: Getty Images, box by Nanook and , drone by Nanook
nheiges  (7 days ago) 
So they're finally using their drone delivery system :-)
KAWE  (7 days ago) 
not seen yet :-)
coyne  (7 days ago) 
coming soon!
hedgehog1965  (7 days ago) 
The claw is getting some good uses :-)
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