the galactic peace agreement
Inspired on the moment angels, earthlings and extraterrestrials finally signed peace

Input text: the angel. the alien is 1 inch to the right of the angel. the ground is [rainbow]. the fish is 1 inch to the left of the angel. it is 3 inches above the ground. the butterfly is 4 inches next to the alien. it is 12 inches above the ground.
Tags:  #peace  #heaven  #earth  #aliens 
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KAWE  (1/15/2020) 
nice "firsty"
nheiges  (1/15/2020) 
lovely and imaginative!
Nanook  (1/15/2020) 
.....and wishful thinking...welcome :-)
hedgehog1965  (1/15/2020) 
Now we just need the earthlings to sign among themselves
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