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The Shrinking Gene Pool

Input text: 
30% shiny 40% dark background backdrop. A man is 12 feet above a 50% dark shiny lake. He is upside down. He is leaning 30 degrees to the back. He is facing west. The lake is 100 feet wide water. A large woman is -1 feet above and -30 feet left of and -90 feet behind the lake. A large 20% shiny duck is behind and right of the woman. A maroon light is 10 feet right of and 10 feet in front of and above the woman. A large 80% dark woman is -20 feet left of and -50 feet behind and 11.2 feet above the lake. The sun is aqua. Ambient light is black. Camera light is black. A beige light is 10 feet right of and behind the woman. A 25 feet high and 8 feet wide and 6 feet deep black shiny ladder is -10 feet left of and -20 feet behind and -2 feet above the lake. It is facing east.
Saturation, Brightness, Fuzzy border, Brightness, Color-emboss, Illustration
nheiges (1/16/2020) 
creative use of shelving!
Nanook (1/16/2020) 
very intriguing and interesting to look at.
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