Fragile networking

Input text: a [fn] backdrop.a 1st 10 inch tall woman.a 2nd 10 inch tall woman is 5 inch right of the 1st woman.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Hue, Sharpen, Invert
Attributions (3D models): woman woman
KAWE  (1/18/2020) 
if you are using windows 7 you can use it after the end of support quite safely ...but do not open dubious mails, do not visit dubious websites...and run a antivirus software and do not use "social networks"
watcher570  (1/18/2020) 
nice scene and message although I use windows 10
zamchick  (1/19/2020) 
Fantastic image
nheiges  (1/19/2020) 
great image!
coyne  (1/19/2020) 
KAWE  (1/24/2020) 
I am using Linux and Win 10
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