Tales From the Darkroom

Input text: Backdrop is a dark room. Backdrop is 80% dark. A shiny film canister is in front of and right of a shiny camera. It is on the ground. Black sky. Camera light is red. Sun is maroon. A silver baking dish is in front of the camera. It is -0.2 inch above the ground. A very tiny white square is above and -1.5 inch right of the film canister. It is leaning 80 degrees to the back. It is facing southeast. A 60% dark peg is -1 inch above and -1.3 inch in front of the square. It is upside down. It is facing southwest. It is leaning 10 degrees to the left. The square is [photo]
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Effects: Brightness
nheiges  (1/27/2020) 
it brings back memories!
KAWE  (1/28/2020) 
that were good times
watcher570  (1/28/2020) 
bygone days
Nanook  (2/1/2020) 
I really miss having a darkroom
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