The experiment

Input text: a 1st man.a woman is right of the 1st man.a white table is in front of the is facing the woman.a chair is -20 inches behind the woman.a 2nd tiny man is on the table.the 1st man is facing the 2nd backdrop.a test tube holder is 3 inches left of the 2nd is facing the 1st man.a flask is 6 inches right of the 2nd man.pale shadow plane.a 3rd man is in front of the table.he is facing the table.a 60% linen light is behind the is evening.
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen, Contrast
Attributions (3D models): man woman man
nheiges  (2/1/2020) 
cute! :-)
coyne  (2/1/2020) 
the young scientists learning from the master! :-)
Nanook  (2/1/2020) 
nice lighting
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