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A tiny skunk is -1 foot above a clear green basket. It is -0.12 inch above a tiny shiny dark plank. A man is right of and in front of and -6.35 feet above the basket. He is facing the basket. A light is on the man. A very tiny glass is 1 inch left of the skunk. It is -0.15 inch above the plank. A very tiny bottle is 0.6 inch left of the glass. It is facing northeast. It is -0.15 inch above the plank. The label of the bottle is [beer].Camera light is baby blue. The sun is silver. A very tiny die is behind and right of the glass. It is facing east. It is upside down. It is -0.11 inch above the plank. backdrop is dark room. a .4 inch long shiny celery green salmon is in front of the glass. it leans to the left. the sky is forest green. a green light is on the salmon
Effects: Swirl, Balloon, Swirl, Illustration, Brightness, Saturation
Attributions (3D models): man
Attributions: Getty Images
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