Clean Enough to Eat Off

Input text: A tiny germ is -1.5 feet above and -1.3 feet in front of a toilet. Bathroom backdrop. The sun is black. Camera light is black. A cream light is above the toilet. A dim cyan light is in front of and above the toilet. A cake is in front of and -4 inch left of the germ.
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Attributions (3D models): cake
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Nanook  (2/4/2020) 
You first :-DD
nheiges  (2/4/2020) 
In theory . . . :-D
hedgehog1965  (2/5/2020) 
Suddenly I'm not that hungry :-)
coyne  (2/6/2020) 
hmmm...I don't know. :-)
watcher570  (2/7/2020) 
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