Beware the devil in the bottle!

Input text: a 1.5 foot tall and .5 foot wide and .2 foot deep shiny maroon head is -3.4 feet above a 3.5 foot tall bottle. the bottle is on a red table. the head faces back. backdrop is bar. a tiny red light is -.2 foot above and -.1 foot behind the head. the label of the bottle is clear. sky is brown. a .3 foot tall white light is behind the head.
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Effects: Sharpen
KAWE  (2/5/2020) 
yes of course
Nanook  (2/5/2020) 
great response
hedgehog1965  (2/5/2020) 
Aaiee, the demon drink!
watcher570  (2/7/2020) 
Save me a couple :-)
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