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But how do you read texts on it?
To be honest, I'm not sure.

Input text: 
a telephone is on a table. it is noon. a 3 foot tall person is left of the table. she faces the telephone. she leans to the front. backdrop is room. a 4 foot tall person is behind the person. she faces the table. she leans to the front. she is .4 foot in the ground. a large white wall is behind her. a 10 foot tall cubicle is -1 foot in front of and -10 feet left of the wall. it faces back. a large chair is -1 foot right of the cubicle. it is 2 foot in front of the wall. a painting is in front of and -6 feet beneath the wall. it is left of the person. sun is lemon chiffon. camera light is dim. a light is 1 foot above the telephone.
KAWE (2020) 
watcher570 (2020) 
coyne (2020) 
I remember those devices...haven't seen one in a while :-)
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